Hardwood Floors (Staining)

This is a great possibility if you would like to add some color to your hardwood floors. It is recommended to use an oil based stain, although there are water stains available. The stain must be evenly applied and then removed in order to penetrate the hardwood floor. There is a variety of standard stains available by Minwax who is the leading brand in the industry. A new technological development allows custom stain mixing making it possible to stain the floor in any color you desire. Staining requires expertise and will take longer, and therefore will cost more than a regular natural finishing process.

Hardwood Floors
Natural 209
Golden Oak 210B
Provincial 211
Red Oak 215
puritan pine 218
Puritan Pine 218
ipswich pine 221
Ipswich Pine 221
sedona red 222
Sedona Red 222
colonial maple 223
Colonial Maple 223
special walnut 224
Special Walnut 224
red mohogany225
Red Mahogany 225
early america 230
Early American 230
Gunstock 231
red chesnut 232
Red Chestnut 232
english chesnut 233
English Chestnut 233
Cherry 235
Fruitwood 241
golden pican 245
Golden Pecan 245
picked oak 260
Pickled Oak 260
hardwood floors
Driftwood 2126
dark walnut2716
Dark Walnut 2716
Ebony 2718
jacobean 2750
Jacobean 2750
weathered oak 270
Weathered Oak 270
classic gray271
Classic Gray 271