Hardwood Repair and Replacement


hardwood repairAccidents happen. Have you moved a wall, installed an in-floor electrical outlet or vent, house broken a pet, had a plumbing problem or other catastrophe? Never fear, brazil hardwood repair team of specialists have the skills and technology to fix hardwood flooring mishaps of every kind. With years of experience providing hardwood flooring repairs both big and small to residential and commercial customers in NY, NJ, CT, RI and MA, we can bring proven products and techniques to your door.

Unique Solutions for Unique Floors

Brazil Flooring experts will guide you step-by-step in finding the best solution for your hardwood repair. We take pride in saving you time and money while providing high-quality services that last. Whether your repair is simply an existing floor with damaged boards or something as complex as a decorative Greek key border that has not withstood the test of time, we are experts in hardwood repair, and replication of existing wood floor patterns. Our skilled technicians can replace damaged boards in your floor with the same species and grade of wood as the existing flooring and fill in cracks, gouges, and separations with custom-color-mixed fillers. They will then sand, stain, and varnish your floors to achieve a great result you will enjoy for decades to come. Floors that have been damaged by leaky radiators, deep scratches, UV exposure, high heels, pets, relocation of walls and other construction, are no match for our skilled hardwood repair technicians and can also be restored to their original condition. Please do not hesitate to give our experts a call to find out how brazil hardwood repair can help restore the pristine elegance to your hardwood floors through repairs and restoration.